Jquery remove li from ul on click

Adding and Removing Elements on the Fly Using JavaScript

Add the eventListener to the UL to delegate the click even on dynamically inserted LIs: document.. In case you want to use jQuery, the whole thing gets somewhat simpler function remove(e) { var li = e.target; var listItems = document. remove li element from list when clicking on an icon inside that appendChild(li); } function removeItem(){ var ul = document. Deleting To-Do List Items - O'Reilly Media We'll also add a function to handle the click on the delete button. This function is a click getElementById("todoList"); var li = createNewTodo(todoItem); ul. remove li from ul using jquery – Joshua's Snippets 17 Mar 2013 In last post we discussed about adding li to ul dynamically using jQuery. Now in this post we can see what are the possible ways to remove the