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This guide will show you how to correct the issue with smoothscrolling in Chrome. If you have smooth scrolling disabled in Chrome flags, but some site still does it, it can be: Site uses CSS scroll-behavior property (which now affects even navigation to next/previous occurrences of text search). Example of site doing this: developer.mozilla.org. Google Chrome provides a very cool trick to enable smooth scrolling of the webpages while you use your finger, mouse, pen or any device to scroll through web pages. If you want, you can also enable the smooth scrolling quite easily straight from the Google Chrome flags. Check out the article below Related Questions. What makes Google Chrome the most popular browser? Why won't Google Chrome open? Keep scrolling down until you find Smooth Scrolling which is disabled by default. Does Not have a setting for Smooth Scrolling.

Everything that I've read on the topic says that smooth scrolling in Chrome/Chromium should now "just work" and if it doesn't, it's a driver-related issue. The only other active flag (that I know of) related to scrolling is #disable-threaded-scrolling , which forces scroll events to be handled on the main thread.

Enable Smooth Scrolling on Google Chrome v.60 - YouTube 15 Jun 2017 One common complaint, however, involves using the Google Chrome browser and janky scrolling. Lots of reviewers are quick to blame  How to get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome - YouTube 18 Apr 2019 Extension download - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ How to get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10. How to turn off smooth scrolling in Google Chrome - gHacks 16 Mar 2016 Google introduced several new features in Google Chrome Stable 49, among them smooth scrolling to improve the scrolling behavior in the 

Smooth Scrolling. Note: This example does not work in Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari (for a "cross-browser" solution, see example below). Итак, я пришел к завершению своего веб-сайта и только что обнаружил, что гладкая прокрутка JS, которую я использовал, не работает в Chrome. Он отлично работает в Safari, Firefox, и я пробовал другие, но я не могу заставить их распознавать мои привязки или поддерживать Do you (or anyone) know what the Smooth Scrolling Vivaldi setting does anymore? On my MacBook Pro, the Chrome #smooth-scrolling flag says

Smooth Scrolling in Chrome 49. Having a library to do smooth scrolling is going to be something that has to be kept up-to-date and maintained, and it will add to the overall page weight of the site. These drawbacks are often also true of many libraries that deal with scroll behaviors, whether that’s parallax effects, How to turn off smooth scrolling in Google Chrome - gHacks Mar 16, 2016 · Turn off Smooth Scrolling in Chrome. What some may not know is that Chrome ships with an option to turn off smooth scrolling as it is hidden from sight on the experimental flags page. The page, which you can access by loading chrome://flags/ in the browser, displays experimental not-yet-ready features that Google is testing in the browser. Smooth scrolling in Chrome? - reddit

Keep scrolling down until you find Smooth Scrolling which is disabled by default.

Fast and smooth scroll for Chrome under Linux | TimeWaster's 21 Jul 2019 Since Chrome (And Chromium for that matter) is not willing to implement a usable website scrolling under Linux (For the reason why just  Cursor and scrolling issues with Chrome - SAS Support

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Logitech M705 and M560 mice offer smooth scrolling and Jun 23, 2014 · 2) There's a Chrome Zoom Bug, but there's also a temporary workaround. found June 22 2014, with current version of Logitech Smooth Scrolling and Chrome Version 35. As soon as I turned Hyper-Fast Scroll on, and I get accidental zoom changes in Chrome. Even when my hand is nowhere near the mouse. iOS Like Edge Bounce Effect in Google Chrome Demo: Edge Bounce Effect. This extension has two other great features also smooth scrolling and inertial scroll. Smooth scrolling. The default scrolling in chrome is jerky and also slow compared to others like Firefox. Google Chrome Will Finally Support Windows Precision Touchpad

Chrome has shipped smooth scrolling for a number of releases now. And in release 61 the scrolling element is no longer the body but the One such feature is smooth scrolling. The flag to enable smooth scrolling was present in Google

Smooth scroll in Google Chrome - Stack Overflow Turns out to be a simple fix. I have not checked which one are needed for this case but it fixed by changing lines 511-517 to if (global.navigator. Smooth Scroll Bug with Chrome update - Mobirise Forums My sites started having an error when scrolling on desktop screens using google chrome. How to Turn Off the New Smooth Scrolling Feature in Chrome